Vigilantibus et non dormientibus jura subveniunt leges. My Offices are located at 167 South State Street in Mt. Pleasant. I outgrew my old office in Mt. Pleasant and needed to find something larger.  When an old house on State Street came up for sale, I decided to purchase and renovate it.  I put in new carpet, repainted the main level and moved my business here in the Summer of 2011. The offices contain a large reception area, my office, a work room and a break room on the main floor.  The family room has been converted into a large conference room. I am continuing the same areas of practice. NEW OFFICE LOCATION  I have moved my office to a new location in Mt. Pleasant.  It is now at  167 South State Street in Mt. Pleasant.  The new location has much better access for clients. The new office is a converted bungalow with a reception area and offices on the main floor and convienent parking. I now have a conference room for larger meetings. MY CONTACT INFORMATION REMAINS THE SAME.  My telephone number is still:  435.462.5454. My fax number is still:  435.462.5455. My email is still:   Copyright 2004-2020 by David J. Angerhofer, PC